Aniline-free mattresses provides safe, comfortable sleep

Are you encountering various kinds of sleep problems – insomnia or poor quality sleep, or facing with work pressure, CUCKOO A-Series Mattress could be your solution.

CUCKOO A-Series Mattress promises ultimate sleeping experience with absolute comfort towards empowering you to live healthier and happier.

The launch of the A-Series Mattress is fuelled with excitement as CUCKOO recently named Malaysia’s own songbird, Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza, as the product ambassador. Her appointment comes as both CUCKOO and Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza share a philosophy of always striving to go beyond standards and to build healthier homes through healthier living. As a symbolic gesture of her appointment, CUCKOO curated an exclusive A-Series Mattress for Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza and her daughter!

When asked to share her thoughts, Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza said, “With the A-Series Mattress given by CUCKOO that also comes with grade-A periodic cleaning service, I am sure that I will have a better quality and even more comfortable sleeping experience”

This aniline-free mattress is aimed at helping more Malaysians improve their quality and comfort of living.

Commonly used to manufacture latex products, aniline is a dangerous toxin that, at its worst, is life-threatening. This is why the A-Series Mattress uses a food-grade gelling agent in place of aniline to prevent potential health risks.

This is also a reflection of the A-Series Mattress’ purposeful design to give users peace of mind to enjoy a more restful sleep.

The A-Series Mattress consists of four distinct layers namely cover layer, topper layer, insulation layer and base layer.

The cover layer is made with “Dustic Freeze” technology for a cooling sensation while repelling dust mites and static. This technology reduces the chances of an allergic reaction.

The topper layer is made with 100 per cent aniline-free latex with hypoallergenic properties and seven-zone skeletal support. This layer has a durability score of 97/100 and has successfully undergone 60,000 compression cycle tests, which is equivalent to eight hours of daily use for 10 years.

The topper is even replaceable with different levels of firmness to choose from.
The insulation layer is made of white felt for enhanced hygiene, durability and comfort while the base layer features ergonomic five-zone pocket springs with zero-motion transfer and zero partner disturbance.

This innovative mattress is bundled with CUCKOO’s well-known periodic cleaning service by its highly acclaimed CUCKOO+ Sevice Team.

Apart from that, every purchase of A-Series Mattress will come with a periodic mattress cleaning service to ensure long-lasting comfort and hygiene for all users.

Developed using grade-A materials, this innovative mattress comes with an impeccable cleaning service carried out by an experienced service team with a customer satisfaction score of 97 per cent.

The combination of a grade-A mattress and periodic cleaning service is part of an effort to guarantee users grade-A sleep with absolute comfort.

Staying true to its philosophy of Beyond Standards, the CUCKOO A-Series Mattress also comes with an affordable rental plan to ease customers’ financial burdens and allow them to enjoy its grade-A cleaning service.

The A-Series Mattress’ rental plan starts from as low as RM150 a month (for three years) and comes with periodic cleaning service carried out by the CUCKOO+ Service Team every four months, including free delivery, installation and 10 years of warranty.

To ensure that the A-Series Mattress is free of bugs and stains, the CUCKOO+ Service Team utilises its “Triple-Supreme” cleaning technology, which includes high-powered vacuum cleaning, hydro cleaning and “All-In-Hunting” features.

The A-Series Mattress is available for subscription or purchase at any CUCKOO E-Brandstore.

CUCKOO International is focused on providing Malaysians with a one-stop healthy home solution as a Healthy Home Creator.

As a Healthy Home Creator, CUCKOO International is supported by three brands (including WonderLab and WonderKlean) covering four healthy home pillars including the newly introduced pillar – Healthy Living pillar.

The other pillars are Healthy Appliances pillar, Healthy Lifestyle pillar and Healthy Home Care pillar.

Each pillar and brand will continue to expand to offer a more comprehensive range of Healthy Home products and services.

For more information on CUCKOO International, call the CUCKOO International service line at 1800 88 8181 or visit / Facebook CUCKOOInternational / Instagram @cuckoo_official.

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