M’sians’ re-upload ‘habit’ makes it hard to tackle inappropriate online content: MCMC

Efforts to crack down on inappropriate online content – such as the controversial Hari Raya gambling advertisements – are made harder by the resharing and re-uploading “habit” of Malaysians.

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) in a statement today said there has been an increase in the number of unsuitable content reported to social media platform providers due to a proliferation of re-uploads.

“This has complicated the process of eliminating content disseminations. Our efforts to remove such content is also dependent on all Malaysians in general.

“As such, MCMC urges all social media users to be more responsible by reporting to the authorities the dissemination of videos that are contradictory to our norms for further action.”

It said this is vital as the act of circulating the content will only help promote the irresponsible parties.

The statement comes in light of yet another gambling-promoting Hari Raya commercial – this time by online betting company IBC003 – which went viral today.

This comes just a day after a similar ad by online casino GDBet333 made its rounds on social media.

Both videos have since been taken down.

Police have initiated investigations into both cases, with eight individuals already arrested for the production of the GDBet333 ad.

To date, MCMC has sought Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to take down 61 posts deemed inappropriate, of which eight have been taken down and the rest are being reviewed.

MCMC said it is forced to seek the help of these social media platforms as it does not have the power to control uploaded content on the sites. 

“These posts are uploaded on platforms that are based outside Malaysia, which we have no control over.

“So, we have contacted the operators to remove such content based on their service terms and community guidelines.” – The Vibes

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