No orders to reduce forces in Afghanistan, acting defense secretary says Video

  • Now Playing: No orders to reduce forces in Afghanistan, acting defense secretary says

  • Now Playing: Sen. Amy Klobuchar launches 2020 presidential campaign

  • Now Playing: White House not ruling out another government shutdown

  • Now Playing: Elizabeth Warren announces run for presidency

  • Now Playing: Cory Booker discusses run for 2020 presidency in Iowa

  • Now Playing: Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker offers statement at congressional hearing

  • Now Playing: Ivanka Trump talks White House security clearance controversy

  • Now Playing: Dems hold campaign events in key state of Iowa

  • Now Playing: New signs that Dems, GOP will come to agreement on border to prevent shutdown

  • Now Playing: House Judiciary Committee grills acting AG Whitaker

  • Now Playing: Ivanka Trump: ‘I have zero concern’ about Mueller investigation

  • Now Playing: Ivanka Trump slams ‘sexist’ art exhibit showing lookalike vacuuming crumbs

  • Now Playing: Ivanka Trump calls new women’s initiative ‘the culmination of a lot of hard work’

  • Now Playing: Former Rep. John Dingell has died

  • Now Playing: Supreme Court puts Louisiana abortion law on hold

  • Now Playing: Acting AG faces grilling from House Democrats

  • Now Playing: Acting attorney general’s fiery hearing

  • Now Playing: 2nd woman accuses Virginia lieutenant governor of sexual assault

  • Now Playing: 2018 was among warmest years in history, government scientists say

  • Now Playing: Photo of Pelosi applauding Trump becomes an internet-defined clap back

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